Not-for-profit Clients

JEC has extensive experience in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors. Current and past clients are listed below.

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Adviza is a large and innovative charity helping  young people and adults to progress in learning and work. JEC conducted strategic options appraisals of its IT and IP telephony services, including a staff survey of IT and telephony services. JEC made recommendations on whether there were:

• strategic alternatives to Adviza’s current IT services, including Cloud based services;

• strategic alternatives to Adviza’s current IP telephony services;

• strategic advantages in combining Adviza’s mobile telephony and data services with its IP telephony services.

"JEC completed a recent project for Adviza looking at our IT and telephony set-up and recommending potential cost-savings and improvements. The project was completed in a timely and professional manner and the final report met our expectations. I would recommend JEC to others."

David Cook, Head of Support

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Research into Agile Working, Personality and Performance 

We managed a research project commissioned the Employers Network for Equality and Inclusion (enei) to research the links between Agile Working styles, personality and performance to see if different people are more suited to different workstyles and if organisations should use different ways of working to become more productive. 584 employees and managers from Birmingham City Council, DWF, the?Department for Work and Pensions, Ministry of Justice NHS and Santander participated in the survey.

The project included a literature search, the development of a sophisticated survey tool and the design of questionnaires of employees’ and their managers’ views on workstyles and performance. We carried out an extensive analysis of the results and wrote the report of the findings and correlations, which has been published by enei. 

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New Ways of Working and IT Review

This environmental charity wished to adopt new ways of working to enable its staff to be more effective in their day-to-day activities and project work. We undertook an extensive review of the charity’s current ways of working and use of IT involving the design and analysis of a comprehensive staff survey and facilitating an interactive workshop. We conducted an in-depth analysis of GAP’s IT capability and service including a procurement review of the incumbent IT supplier to determine effectiveness and recommend improvements. We advised on how IT could support new ways of working and also provided guidance on required cultural changes and modifications to the physical environment of the charity’s offices.

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IT Review

JEC Professional Services was commissioned to undertake a review of the charity's current provision and use of IT at Interlink’s London office and to make recommendations on whether these should be changed or updated. JEC reviewed Interlinks use of its IT systems, carried out options appraisals of Interlink’s current CRM system and IT service provision. JEC alsoconducted a skills audit to identify the training required so that staff could be trained to carry out their job roles more effectively.

"John facilitated a thorough review of the IT function at the Interlink Foundation. He skilfully pulled together the intelligence within our team and layered it with his own expertise. His work provided the platform for a complete overhaul of our IT strategy."

Chaya Spitz, Chief Executive at The Interlink Foundation

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Business Continuity Exercise - Design and Facilitation

We prepared and facilitated an exercise to assess the robustness of the Society’s Business Continuity Plans.

“Thanks. there was very positive feedback. The exercise was well structured; everyone was full engaged and it highlighted a number of areas we need to address. Plus it was an enjoyable day, thanks for all your support.”

Oona Gaffney, Facilities Manager

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Ways of Working review

Potential Plus UK is an independent charity that supports the social, emotional and learning needs of children with high learning potential of all ages and background. The charity believed there was potential to be more effective and cost effective through adopting new ways of working as well as reducing travel time and associated expenditure. 

JEC interviewed Potential Plus UK staff and associates and key service providers.  Staff, associates, and volunteers were surveyed about their current ways of working and what technology they need to perform their role.  Potential Plus UK’s current ways of working were compared against a best practice model of Agile Working. 

JEC’s report included:


  • A critique of current ways of working and an assessment of Potential Plus UK’s Agile Working Readiness;
  • Proposals on new ways of working and associated benefits;
  • The IT and telephony systems required to support the new ways of working with high level costings;
  • Changes in the use of premises;
  • Staffing and policy implications.


John’s approach was professional, knowledgeable and experienced in areas such as agile working and technology. He listened to our needs and about the constraints we operate under. He sought the views of stakeholders and made recommendations which were practical, fairly simple to implement and which were relevant to all those involved with us.

Denise Yates, Chief Executive 

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Learning Management System evaluation

We proposed a vision for a training management system based on emerging trends in learning management and best practice and prepared a consolidated requirements specification.

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