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New ways of working advice - The Agile Working Challenge 2.0

Is your organisation adopting new ways of working to be ready for the world of work in the 2020s?

Ways of working continue to evolve. Some organisations believe they have ‘done’ Agile Working. But Agile Working is moving on. Organisations cannot afford to become comfortable or complacent, there are greater opportunities to grasp in the next decade.

As in any transformation initiative, Agile Working is more than a project it is a cultural journey involving continuing change to achieve continuous improvement. Working with the Agile Organisation we have found in our assessment of organisations that the more enterprising are reaching a second stage on the journey - we are calling Agile Working 2.0. new ways of working Agile Working 2.0

By adopting Agile Working 2.0 organisations are seeking a more positive culture creating a change ready environment enabling them to take advantage of the opportunities and benefits that will be available in the next dynamic decade.



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