Defining a Vision and Requirements of a Learning Management System

University of Glasgow

The Situation                                            

The University of Glasgow was implementing a multi-phased programme for the introduction of a new HR/Payroll solution to meet the strategic and operational needs of the organisation. Following the successful completion of Phase 1, the University was planning to introduce a number of new modules for specific business areas including the CoreHR Training module which had been purchased by the University but not yet implemented.

The Challenge

  • To develop an understanding what a state-of-the-art Training Management System should look like, and to inform the University’s vision for the future management system for staff training. 
  • To assess the capabilities of the CoreHR Training module, purchased by the University but not yet implemented, against the requirements identified in the Vision. 

The Solution

  1. Reviewed requirements already captured by the University in its invitation to tender and an internal requirements gathering exercise.

  2. Proposed a vision based on emerging trends in learning management and best practice. 

  3. Facialitated workshops with staff representing a diverse range of training provision within the University to gain a consensus on the features required of the proposed vision.

  4. Conducted a Gap Analysis of the proposed Vision and the capabilities of the CoreHR Training module

The Results

  • A vision document.
  • A consolidated requirements specification.
  • An Options Analysis with recommendations for a phased implementation for achieving required functionality. 
  • An Action Plan was provided for the development in the short term to meet the immediate needs of the University and prepare for the development in the medium term requirements of the vision.


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