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What Type of Homeworker are you?

Why recognising homeworking styles is important

Now we are in lock down people are adopting different homeworking styles. Although we are apart we still need to work together so it is important to recognise different homeworking types of team members, especially if you are a team leader or manager. Without recognising homeworking styles, teams will not perform at their best and in some cases may become dysfunctional.

So what type of homeworker are you?

jec-worker-type-the-isolationist-200px-01.jpgAn Isolationist.

An isolationist is someone who locks themself away to get their tasks done and is reluctant to respond to emails and other communcations.

If you're an Isolationist, what should you do?
If your team member is an isolationist you should...

jec-worker-type-the-time-shifter-200px-01.jpgA Time Shifter.

A Time Shifter is someone who has to cope with non-work activities during the day.  For example yiu may take time out for home schooling and catch up with work tasks in the evening. So you are not available to your colleagues throughout the traditonal working day.

If you're a Time Shifter, what should you do?
If your team member is a Time Shifter, you should...

jec-worker-type-the-reluctant-absentee-200px-01.jpgA Reluctant Absentee.

Are you someone who has been reluctant to leave your familiar office environment and you miss the support and social interactions with colleagues? You may feel quite isolated and stressed in a homeworking environment. 

If you're a Reluctant Absentee, what should you do?
If your team member is a Reluctant Absentee, you should...

jec-worker-type-the-remote-manager-200px-01.jpgA Remote Manager.

You have mastered the use of communication and collaboration technologies and you are comfortable working at any location.

If you're a Remote Manager, what should you do?
If your team member is a Remote Manager, you should...

Assistance in Managing Homeworkers

JEC Professional Services can advise organisations on adopting the best practices to manage homeworkers.

A brief video introducing the different types of Homeworker:

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Our experienced consultants have helped:

  • BNP Paribas
  • Derbyshire Community Health Service
  • enei - the Employers Network for Equality & Inclusion 
  • GAP
  • Grand Union Housing Group
  • North Yorkshire Police
  • Regenda Group
  • Rendall & Ritner
  • SmartestEnergy
  • Warwickshire & West Mercia Police
  • University of Leicester

Read our clients' testimonials below

Client feedback

Jim Austin

Jim Austin

Associate Director Of Transformation, Derbyshire Community Health Services NHS Foundation Trust

John was able, at very short notice, to assist us in writing and consolidating our agile working business case. His ability to quickly understand our complex environment and translate our thoughts into actionable activities was outstanding. I am happy to recommend his work.

Caroline Watson

Caroline Watson

Partner, Global Action Plan

John delivered a Ways of Working and IT review for us at Global Action Plan. He was a great listener and won the work because his was the most accurate proposal for our needs. His work didn't disappoint us. He was thorough, has great client liaison, was patient with our queries and level of understanding of IT issues and new techniques. I'd be happy to work with John again and recommend him.

Denise Yates

Denise Yates

Chief Executive, Potential Plus UK

John’s approach was professional, knowledgeable and experienced in areas such as agile working and technology. He listened to our needs and about the constraints we operate under. He sought the views of stakeholders and made recommendations which were practical, fairly simple to implement and which were relevant to all those involved with us.

Ed Nunn

Ed Nunn

Managing Director, OEG Interiors Ltd

John, many thanks for the session last week and your very insightful presentation on Agile Working and how it can be successfully introduced in the modern workspace. I would certainly be ready to recommend your services and look forward to working with you on future projects.

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