We can help...

Formulate strategies

Prepare business cases

Specify requirements

Manage projects

Act as a Trusted Advisor

And much more...

Drawing on our extensive experience of Agile Working, Business Continuity and the Digital Workplace, we can help your organisation increase its resilience by:

Getting the best from your people and the technology they use by...

…....     and preparing for the worst by planning to respond effectively to catastrophic events through

JEC Associate Network

For each assignment JEC selects a team of trusted experienced associate consultants with specialist skills and knowledge appropriate to the requirements of the assignment. In this way we can dynamically tailor resources to our clients' needs and provide project resilience.

JEC Professional Services takes full responsibility for the delivery of the assignment.

John Eary is an Approved Associate Consultant of The National Computing Centre.

What type of homeworker are you?
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Are you a not-for-profit organisation?

We actively seek to support not–for-profit organisations and will contribute pro bono time to reduce their costs.