Digital Workplace Review

JEC's ten-point Digital Workplace review provides independent and informed advice from a business viewpoint

digital workplace review checklistMany organisations are re-examining their use of Digital Workplace technologies and recognising the need to update their Digital Workplace strategy. The consumerisation of digital devices, the advent of the Cloud and software-as-a-service are opening up new opportunities for the more cost-effective provision of IT.

JEC’s fixed price ten-point Digital Workplace healthcheck provides an independent and informed ‘healthcheck’ of your ICT service from a business viewpoint. Our Digital Workplace review checks if your organisation can get better value-for-money by taking advantage of new developments in technology and the market place. JEC’s comprehensive ten-point Digital Workplace Healthcheck will assess:

  1. Digital Governance - is the management of information, and the technology to support it, effective and in line with best practice?
  2. Digital Workplace Service provision and support - does the current ICT service provision provide good value-for money? Are there more cost-effective options?
  3. Connectivity for data and voice – does the service provision and infrastructure provide a reliable and sufficiently fast service?
  4. Security of data and systems - are sufficient measures in place to mitigate risks?
  5. Device deployment and management  - are appropriate devices being used including the use of employee owned devices (BYOD)?
  6. Line of business applications systems - are your key systems being appropriately exploited and are there critical issues?
  7. General office systems - are they appropriate? Are there more cost-effective options?
  8. Document and Information Management - is information appropriately accessible and securely stored?
  9. Digital Skills of users - do employees have the skills and knowledge to fully exploit the systems they use?
  10. Business Continuity - have adequate measure been taken to deal with catastrophic events such as the loss ICT systems?
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