Agile Working Training and Facilitated Workshops

Agile Working training interactive workshops focussed on different sections of the workforce. Workshops are carefully tailored to the organisation's needs. 

All our workshops can be delivered as virtual workshops enabling home-based staff to participate. See our example video below.

Workshop 1. Overview of Agile Working for Senior Managers

  • The Agile Organisation - the need to create an agile workforce 
  • Concepts - how Agile Working is different from other ways of working
  • The 4 components of Agile Working
  • Business benefits of Agile Working
  • Agile Working drivers
  • Work activities and workstyles
  • Allocation of workspace and technology
  • Future trends

"It was a thoroughly enjoyable session – one of the best I’ve attended" -  Ross Cree, Finance Director, CineLab London

"Very Good, interesting and thought provoking issues raised." Participating manager from SmartestEnergy

Workshop 2. Overcoming Agile Working issues for Operational Managers

  • How to allocate staff to workstyles 
  • Agile Working management styles 
  • Personality profiles and performance 
  • Managing remote and office teams together - 'Hybrid Working'
  • Managing the transition to Agile Working
  • Using technology as a management tool
  • Supporting staff
  • Setting targets/managing by results/objectives
  • Remaining compliant

It was a really engaging session which I thoroughly enjoyed and found very interesting - Kirstin Stewart,  Senior Marketing Executive, Moore Kingston Smith LLP

Workshop 3. Implementing Agile Working in organisations for Project Managers

  • Creating the Business Case
  • Establishing the organisation's Agile Working readiness
  • The holistic approach
  • Role of technology
  • Additional security threats of Agile Working
  • Cost effective work settings- co-working option
  • Likley barriers
  • Engagement and communication 
  • The 4Ts
  • Top 10 tips
  • Selecting and evaluating pilot trials
  • Case studies
  • Sustaining Agile Working

Workshop 4.What Agile Working means for employees 

  • Benefits for employees
  • Work-life integration and workwrapping 
  • Responsibilities of Agile Workers
  • Work activities and workstyles
  • Digital ways of working 
  • Handling the transition 
  • Working at home
  • Working in shared workspaces and workspace etiquette 
  • Staying in touch 
  • Staying motivated 
  • Dealing with demands on your time

"Thought the session was really thought provoking and the knowledge you bring is invaluable." Participant from SmartestEnergy.

Workshop 5.Managing Virtual Teams of Remote and Hybrid Workers

  • Benefits and challenges of virtual teams
  • Ensuring team members are engaged
  • Setting expectations
  • Adapting management and communication styles 
  • Using communication and collaboration tools effectively
  • The ingredients of successful virtual meetings
  • Managing hybrid working project teams
  • Maintaining motivation 

We really enjoyed your session, feedback was very positive – thank you so much again for doing it! Gudrun Neumann, HR Director, Ricardo Rail & Ricardo Software

Here's a small example of one of our virtual workshops:

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