Development of a Records Management Strategy

Radian Group

The Situation

Radian Group (Radian) is involved in the provision of social housing, and care and support services. Radian have circa. 21,000 properties, employing over 1,000 staff. 

The Challenge

Radian wished to develop and implement an organisation wide Records Management Strategy covering both paper and electronic records including those created through the use of social media.

The Solution


  • Undertook extensive consultations across all aspects of Radian Group’s operations.
  • Conducted a ‘light touch’ gap analysis assessment of Radian Group’s practices in records management against ISO 15489. 
  • Reviewed the use of systems used for document management and the instances of where paper based records were maintained as well as audio, video and social media. 
  • Analysed the strategic options for the management of records across Radian Group.

The Results

We devised a Group-wide records management policy, to include both paper and electronic records, which has been formally adopted by Radian Group. We made a number of recommendations relating to:

  • Records Management Guidelines 
  • Document Retention Schedule 
  • Vital records and Business Continuity
  • Strategies for capturing and managing records created through social media use.
  • Retention of current EDRMS IT systems 
  • Records management aspects of key databases. 
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