Formulating an ICT Strategy

Allerdale Borough Council

The Situation

Allerdale Borough required an external resource for the development of a new ICT Strategy to replace the existing ICT strategy that no longer reflected the delivery of ICT services at Allerdale. 

The Challenge

The strategy needed to support the ICT provision to all parts of the business. The ICT strategy needed to contribute to the Council's ambition to be a commercially focused organisation committed to the delivery of high quality, sustainable services to the people and businesses of Allerdale and West Cumbria.

The Solution

To obtain a clear business perspective of Allerdale’s long-term vision, ambition and business plans we conducted a combination of workshop-based discussions and one-to-one interviews with relevant members of Allerdale’s leadership team and Heads of Service.

A series of options appraisals were carried out to advise if alternative approaches were likely to be more suited to meet Allerdale’s needs than the current provision of services. 

The Results

The strategy defined how ICT will support the business in the future, breaking down the requirements into a series of manageable projects, each with their own high level benefits plan.  This ensured that Allerdale could measure not only the success of each project but also the return on investment and efficiency gains achieved through the implementation.

Subsequently JEC was commissioned to produce the finalised strategy as a professionally designed, illustrated document  in PDF format for publishing on Allerdale’s web site and for internal electronic distribution.

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