Devising an Organisational Structure to improve ICT Service Provision

Powys County Council and Health Board

The Situation

Due to a forthcoming merger between the Council and the Local Health Board there was an  opportunity to improve ICT provision through greater use of shared resources. ICT service provision was currently provided by staff based in various departments within and outside the ICT function.

The Challenge

To review the ICT capability and resources of ICT staff in the County Council and the local Health Board to:

  • fully understand what skills are available, and;
  • make better use of ICT resources to improve ICT workforce planning in the future. 

The Solution

  1. Carried out interviews with ICT Managers and Team Leaders to identify the skills that staff required to perform the duties of their job role. Some 51 distinct job roles and their skill requirements were identified and described.
  2. Devised a Skills Audit Questionnaire to gather data to establish the current level of staff skills. (A 100% response rate of ICT staff to the survey was achieved).
  3. Evaluated the required and current skills also sought to identify skills shortages and potential single points of failure.

The Results

  • A combined organisation structure for all staff with a significant ICT responsibility based on a Client/Provider model.
  • A detailed training plan recommending an appropriate mix of training delivery options to meet the identified training needs of each staff member.
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