Business Case and Strategy Development for New Ways of Working

Wycombe District Council

The Situation

Wycombe District Council was planning a number of initiatives to reduce its accommodation requirements and explore the commercial opportunities from the disposal of surplus property. 

The Challenge

The Council required a business case for the introduction of new ways of working (including hot-desking) and further investment in content and document management technology. 

The Solution

We carried out extensive consultation through:

  • Conducting interviews with the Leader of the Council and other Council Members, members of the Strategic Management Board, all Heads of Service interviewed, and key ICT staff;
  • Facilitating four workshops with Service Managers;
  • Devising and analysing a questionnaire devised and distributed to all staff.

Current space utilisation was reviewed and future space requirements were established.

Accommodation costs were obtained from a number of office refurbishment and interior design companies. 

The Results

A full business case was developed covering the:

  • Strategic Case - identified the strategic objectives and the investment required to support them; 
  • Economic Case - in which four options were evaluated  and a preferred option was identified
  • Financial Case – addressed the issues associated with funding the preferred option;
  • Commercial Case - addressed the factors that must be addressed to ensure that the project was commercially viable, and; 
  • Management Case – identified the requirements for the success of project.

A routemap was produced based on a phased programme tarting with the realisation of some quick wins through departmental pilots to a Council wide implementation of new ways of working.


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