ICT Organisational Design and Skills Development

JEC advises organisations on how they can can achieve real business benefits from their investments in systems and technology.

JEC addresses the people aspects of ICT in two ways. We assist organisations to:

  • deliver effective ICT services by advising on an optimal structure of the ICT function, and
  • ensure all staff in the organisation have the ICT skills required for their job roles.

Services offered


For the ICT Service

  • Staffing reviews to assess the alignment of posts with competencies and salary levels and advice of recruitment and retention of staff.
  • Organisational reviews and design to advise on the restructuring of the ICT Function to increase effectiveness and service improvement.
  • Development Job Families Job Descriptions and Person Specifications.
  • Skills Audits to compare the current skills of staff to those required by the organisation and identify skills gaps.
  • Development of skills development plans to enable the staff to acquire necessary competencies utilising an appropriate mix of learning methods.

For ICT users

  • Skills Audits of ICT user skills to compare the current skills of staff to those required to exploit ICT systems in their job roles and identify skills gaps
  • Development of training plans to enable ICT users to acquire necessary competencies utilising an appropriate mix of learning methods
  • Strategic advice on how users can make use of ICT for flexible and smart working. 
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Brian Hughes

Brian Hughes

Consultant, NCC Group

John and I have worked together for over 20 years. In that time I have become fully aware of what a fundamental role John plays in every consultancy assignment that he undertakes. John is the consummate professional who gives clients 200% value and measures success on projects by the quality of outcomes. John can deliver against the entire consultancy spectrum from strategic assignments such as programme management through to operational assignments such as organisational or system reviews. In summary, I would not hesitate to recommend John to anyone who is looking for high quality, total professionalism and value for money from their consultancy engagement.

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