Agile Working Rescue Service

JEC's Agile Working Rescue Service provides independent and informed advice to recover faltering Agile Working initiatives

Many organisations have successfully implemented Agile Working and Smart Working initiatives but others have encountered a range of issues that are frustrating their progress.

JEC’s Agile Working Rescue Service starts with an independent and informed audit, or ‘healthcheck’, of your Agile Working initiative to analyse the challenging areas and determine the most appropriate remedies.

JEC’s 12-point comprehensive healthcheck of an Agile Working or Smart Working project will assess the:

1. Business Case - Is the business case still valid? Are the business benefits still achievable? Are there new barriers to the adoption of AW?

2. Governance – Has a holistic approach been adopted to ensure organisations-wide buy in? Is senior management engaged? 

3. Project Plan - Is the project plan on track? Are timescales realistic? Are the resources sufficient? 

4. Engagement – Is there a clear vision for Agile Working’s role in the organisation? Have managers and staff had opportunities to contribute? Are developments being regularly and effectively communicated to stakeholders?

5. Processes and procedures - Have new workpractices and responsibilities for new ways of working been incorporated into policies and procedures? 

6. Workstyles – Are they appropriate and practical fro the job roles they are associated with? Is there a clear process for the allocation of job roles to workstyles? 

7. Technology – Are the devices and software tools in use appropriate for Agile Working? Is the policy for the use of personal devices practical? Have systems been optimised for remote working? Does the infrastructure provide a reliable and sufficiently fast service? Are key systems being fully exploited and are there any critical issues? 

8. Security of data  – Are the measures put in place sufficient to mitigate the risks?

9. Workplace options – Are worksettings appropriate for the activities required for Agile Working? Have protocols for sharing desks and other facilities been established and agreed?

10. Off-site working – Are the risks and requirements for working at home, at partner premises, including coworking, and in public locations been adequately addressed?

11. Training – Does senior management have a clear understanding of Agile Working? Have managers been trained in the management of Agile Workers? Do employees understand their responsibilities as agile workers? Have they been trained to use and exploit the tools provided for collaborative working? 

12. Sustainability – Is the vision being realised? Are there mechanisms to reinforce changes in culture? Are there champions in place? Is there post-implementation support?

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