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JEC's specialists can help you devise a technology strategy for Agile Working and Smart Working.

Technology is a key enabler in the successful adoption of Agile Working. We are specialists in devising strategies for Agile Working and other new ways of working. JEC consultants can draw on extensive experience to provide informed and impartial advice to ensure that employees can perform effectively in their Digital Workplace..

In helping an organisation to formulate an Digital Workspace strategy JEC can assess the:

  • Business drivers for the adoption of Agile Working - so that the Digital Workspace strategy is aligned with the organisation’s business strategy and technology supports the organisation’s business priorities.
  • Current ways of working and use of digital technologies - we gain this knowledge through individual consultations with management and key staff, the design and analysis of comprehensive staff surveys and facilitating staff workshops.
  • IT Service provision and support arrangements - to establish the additional requirements to support staff working in an Agile Working environment.
  • Connectivity for data and voice – to establish the criteria for speed, performance, reliability and resilience for communications required for Agile Working.
  • Security of data and systems - to ensure that the additional risks of data loss and unauthorised access to data are addressed. 
  • Device deployment and management  - to devise a policy for devices based on job role and workstyle and address issues arising from employees using their own devices (BYOD).
  • Remote access to key business applications - to ensure that key systems can be readily accessed remotely and their performance is not significantly impacted when used remotely.
  • Conferencing, collaboration and communication tools - identifying tools that are both effective and appealing to use.
  • Information Management - to ensure that information is appropriately accessible and secure 
  • Skills for Agile Workers - so they have the skills and knowledge to use systems with minimal support.
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